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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cornyn on Iran War Powers Resolution  CSPAN  February 13, 2020 12:44am-12:52am EST

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with the reabut for the real and diplomacy rather than relying on blind faith. to change course and engage with allies and partners but the goal for seeking a solution to the current situation immediately. madam president, debates between the executive branch and congress over the power to conduct war is not a new topic but i think in many ways the debate has been blown out of proportion. if this has to do with the decision made byen president trp with the advice of his advisers to eliminate one of the worst terrorists in the middle east, soleimani, who was plotting to bring down the american embassy or iraq and threatened the lives
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of american troops to take them off the battlefield. this was clearly within the president's authority under the constitution. i think we all agree the president as commander-in-chief has to have his constitutional authority to defend american lives and american interests when congress doesn't have the time or frankly is not built for speed when it comes to addressing threats to national securityth but the responsibiliy of the congress can be authorized through the appropriations authority. we can literally cut off the funds that the executive branch would use to conduct operations if congress sees fit. but w if this resolution succee, it will tie the
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commander-in-chief's hand while threats posed by iran and terrorist organizations like the iranian revolutionary guard the ir gc and the cubs force headed by general soleimani remains very high. actually, i think the president should be congratulated in the words of the former general david petraeus he said what the president did i taking soleimani off the battlefield was reestablished a level of deterrence. if you are going to be stepping into the shoes of the heads of f the force and ir gc you will have to think twice before you do that because you might end up in the same condition that general soleimani did.
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it is a provocation and invitation to attack america and our allies and interests. some of our friends were upset that general soleimani was taken up by a drone strike but he was one of the most consequential military leaders in the middle east and was responsible for the death of hundreds of american servicemembers training militia and others in the war in iraq by providing them with improvised explosive devices they are designed so they will know through armor like a hot knife through butter. our colleagues couldn't
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acknowledge the decisive action and that it undoubtedly saved lives. my mind immediately went back to help the republicans and democrats act when president obama directed the raid that took out osama bin laden. wwe depend on partisan lines and ty he didn't have the authority to do that so we are going to come back to congress and tie his hands for the fight and the war on terror. we didn't do that. it's like night and day, the reaction between the operation directed at taking out osama bin laden from a country that is a leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world. i strongly disagree with the claim president trump's actions were outside his authority or that he should have come to congress and sought a
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congressional approval the senate had to conduct a trial of these impeachment articles and obviously it failed, but it took up time where we literally could not have dealt with this emergency action an opportunity to take the terrorist of the battlefield. it was alsoo his duty to prevent and stop threats against the united states. the other individuals that died in the attack was the leader in iraq but have been plotting the destruction of thehe u.s. embasy
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and hostage situation like we saw in 1979. it would limit they servicemembers against imminent attacks. i would implore our colleagues to do the same. with the era of trump derangement syndrome and anything thintimatingthe preside people reflexively or against in this falls in that category. to make sure the shared powers
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congress and the president have under the constitution to wage war i don't question the motives in trying to find the wappropriate balance but here i think we stepped across the line to try to tie the president's hands as a punishment for conducting a fully authorized operation against one of the world's worst terrorists, something we should applaud. a resolution that would prohibit the united states from conducting offensive military strikes against iran and unless or until such time as congress may authorize. this is how a security policy in the constitutional republic is supposed to work. it's held positions with the source of this to


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